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Help ! Water supply/pressure problems

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I own a first floor maisonette as a leaseholder. My tenant has had problems with the water pressure being low or in some cases there is no water at all. He has had Thames Water out and they have installed some sort of meter to test the pressure. They say that the readings are above what they are obliged to supply, so the problem is not theirs. The problem still remains.

Because the tenant wasn't getting any answers he asked me to get someone in to check it out. I have an insurance that covers all internal pipework and plumbing with British Gas. They have been down today and say that my maisonette hasn't got its own water supply and that the mains first comes in to the ground floor property and then up to my property. The problem is that the downstairs property is also rented out with relatively new tenants. This problem has only arisen over the last 6 to 8 weeks. Dyna plumbing (who british gas use) say that there are probably too many people living downstairs and the usage at one time affects what we get upstairs. My tenant says that there are many different people coming and going from the propperty below. My tenant came back from holiday recently and smelt gas, they called out British gas and was told that the tenants downstairs had interfered with something or other.

The property was built in 1900's and was never a conversion nor is it metered. I understand that properties built or converted since 1999 have to have there own water supply but what about older properties? Dyna Plumbing say that to get our own water supply would cost about 4 to 5,000. another alternative would be to get a new boiler that deals with the pressure better. My boiler is less than ten years old. What can I do????

28/10/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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