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AST 2010 Addition to Part F

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Please see below. This is a separate page which I add to the RLA's 2010 AST a continuation of point F. I only use it on one of my properties as I claim rent for a basement flat and rent for a 3 bed house. The tenants are members of the same family and share the same entrance. They do not have any shared facilities, both have there own kitchens and bathrooms. But the reason I have added this additional page is because the mortgage is slightly high and I require the both the basement flat and the house to be occupied and the tennacies run concurrent with eachother or I will be operating at a loss. Is this additional page legal and acceptable? Every tenant I have had in the property understand the terms and are happy.. Your advice would be greatly appreciated..

Many thanks


Assured shorthold tenancy agreement
Under part 1 of the Housing Act 1988
As amended under part 3 of the Housing Act 1996.

F continued.. RE: 45 Pentyla Baglan Road, Port Talbot, SA12 8DR

We may repossess the property if:

One of the tenants moves out of either the basement flat or the house and are not immediately replaced. Both tenants must occupy the property at the same time i.e. the basement must be occupied by Mr David Grovell and or Mr Michael Davies (under one single tenancy) and the rest of the house must be occupied by Miss Sarah Callan (under one single tenancy) and both tenancies must run along side each other.
If either David Grovell, Michael Davies or Sarah Callan move out or serve their one months notice to quit in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement, the remaining tenant will have 3 options:-

1. Both can serve there notice and move out at the same time: or
2. The remaining tenant can find another tenant to take over the tenancy. In this instance 2 new 6 month tenancies will be drawn up and renewed to run alongside each other; or
3. The remaining tenant can pay the rent for the whole property in full (basement flat & 3 bed house) Basement Flat 350pm & 3 Bed House 455pm.

Failure to meet any of the 3 options above will result in notice being served and the property being repossessed. However we will try an exhaust every avenue to ensure that this does not occur.

Our signature:_________________________________________2nd November 2010

Your signature(s):______________________________________2nd November 2010

Witness signature:______________________________________2nd November 2010

Address: 7 Prince Street, Port Talbot, SA13 1NB
Occupation: CNC Operator

20/10/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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