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Ok I will try and keep this short with bullet points.

Please keep in mind the tenant has caused me little problems in the past. Nor has the police.

Tue 13/12/2011. I get a call from police asking for permission to enter a property. They said the system was saying priority. I agreed on terms that not for an arrest but the tenants safety only and as its was an evening call to let me know of any situations the next day.

Wed 14/12/2011. No voicemail or calls from the police.

Thur 15/12/2011. Same as Wed.

Friday 16/12/2011. Went to property. Found 3rd story window…..The whole window in pieces on the footpath.

Spoke with police, “Apparently” the tenant was reported running about on the roof and was later found again “apparently” to have kicked the whole window out and some how the tenant ended up on the ground from a 3rd floor window. Asked if the police could give me permission to enter the property and they said they cant give that permission but I could may be enter on emergency grounds. I asked why did you not just enter by all means if it was priority and the reply was we had the tenant under arrest. The property was locked and was concerned about a maybe girl friend.

Called solicitor and explained above. Recommended I ask police to enter with me as a witness. This was done and I boarded up the window opening. WPC who witnessed entry did state that the tenant “apparently” may not be able to go back in the property due to his injuries. All thou she had not been called to the incident.

New window ordered but will be in the new year as specialist window in listed building

Tenant has no family contacts, also asked if police have other contacts for family. There answer the same. No.

Mon 19/12/2011. Now have concerns about the property been empty and the cold that may cause concerns about freezing pipes ect. Also have concerns why the police have not been in contact with me regarding the tenants situation. If the tenant is released from hospital, can he enter the property after apparently kicking the whole window out and apparently ending up on the ground with injuries.

Tue 20/12/2011. Now need to take some action. No contact from anyone. If I had not called at the property and found the situation would I be any wiser apart from the 1st call from the police requesting entry.

On Friday 16/12/2011 WPC witnessed entry to the property to allow boarding the window up. How do I go about entering the property again to drain down the heating and water system to prevent freezing keeping in mind what if the tenant is released from hospital and returns to not hot running water or heating....and no bedroom window

Need some answers please

20/12/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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