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My first post so please be gentle with me!

A couple of weeks ago my house caught fire due to electricity irregularities caused by the tenant - he was using my property as a cannabis farm.Thankfully the neighbour saw smoke and called the Fire brigade in time so the damage is there but thankfully limited to upstairs hallway and smoke damage.
Please no comments about how could i be that stupid etc - i did do plenty of checks but you cant legislate for false documents, references etc.

Now, my problem.
This was my residence until i worked away, i informed the insurance company and mortgage company and have their authority in writing to let the property. Standard t6 month tenancy agreement et etc.

A loss adjuster has been appointed by the insurance and been to the property. Originally he was of the opinion the fire damage may be claimable but that the 'malicious damage' may not be. The insurance people stood down the clean up people at the last minute and 'are looking further'. The loss adjuster last week was optimistic upon relection last week that the claim was valid, but now seems to be prevaricating and could not tell me why the insurance company have stood the clean up team down.

This is where the RLA and it's membership on this forum can help me.
Has anyone been through this scenario before and can ofer me some advice?
Also is this where a good loss assessor would be beneficial to me and could someone recommend one. I was always of the opinion that the loss adjuster was there to help in my claim, but now i am told he works for the Insurance company and that a loss assesor would be my 'friend' and work for my interests.

I am in Stockport and GMP tell me that there were 367 instances last year and growing, that is more than one house every day in Manchester alone. I have tried the search on the forum but it comes up blank.

I would appreciate any help available.


12/01/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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