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Dear Sirs,

Two tenants recently did a proverbial "runner" just before Xmas.

Several issues have arisen as a result for which I would be most grateful for your best advice:

1. Various contents have been removed from the property. If I am able to trace the whereabouts of these tenants and succeed in identifying property in their new accommodation that I verifiably paid for, will the Police take action. If the ex-tenants claim that I had - for some unaccountable reason - given them this property would the Police simply insist that it is a civil rather than a criminal matter?
2. Do RLA operate any form of data base to record landlord's experiences with individual tenants?
3. Does the local council run such a data-base?
4. Do any other organisations rund such a data-base?
5. The rent was paid by two HB claims. Since their runner I have come to suspect that these claims were materially fraudulent. If I blow the whistle, would I have to pay back the HB paid to me on their behalf?
6. Do the RLA offer any guidelines regarding the minimum amount that a landlord should sensibly pursue against defaulting tenants through the civil courts. (In asking this question I accept that the issue is subjective - I am looking for guidance on sensible good general practice).

Thank you for your assistance

21/01/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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