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Paul C
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My tenanted flat had the door broken down on Thursday morning by the police during a raid. Two other flats in the vicinity were raided at the same time. I am told that a passport and computers were taken away but to date have been unable to ascertain from the police why they raided the flat nor have I been able to contact the tenant.

The door is now split across the spine of the lower half and although it could be repaired superficially no locks could be re-installed in the lower 60% of the door. In my view the door needs to be replaced which, to match neighbouring flats, would require a custom made high quality door probably costing several hundred pounds. In it's present state the door can be closed and locked in the flimsiest of ways but is obviously totally insecure.

The tenant is a city worker but I believe he has a foriegn girlfriend who stays there from time to time who is not a party to the lease. Given that 3 flats were raided I tend to think that the raid relates to illegal immigration or maybe prostitution but this is just conjecture.

The issues are -

Who is responsible for repair/replacement of the flat's entrance door?

Do I have the right to demand information from the police on the exact reasons for the raid and whether and against whom criminal proceedings are being taken?

Do I have the right as landlord to gain entry to inspect/repair/repalce the door - possible as an "agency of necessity"?

If criminal activity has been taking place would this normally provide grounds for termination of the letting agreement even if not specifically stated therein?

What is the situation if the Freeholder of the block insists on the tenant leaving?

I would be grateful for any advice on these matters.

Regards Paul C

19/08/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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