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I am seriously considering to invest long-term in residential property and I have a vague idea of how to build up a portfolio.
For obvious reasons I would like to start well and I am willing to invest first of all a lot of time into researching the practical, legal, and financial issues relating to letting.

I have joint the RLA and the NLA to tap into the knowledge of landlords who are willing to share their experience and expertise with newcomers.

So maybe you could point me in the right direction to finding relevant information?

Will I have to register as a Sole Trader or (if my husband agrees to that) as a Partnership?
If so, will I/we need to open business bank accounts?

If I/we took out a home-owner loan for the sole purpose of raising the deposit for my/our first BTL property would the fees and the interest for that loan qualify as deductible expenses?

What size of property would be a good 'first'? 2 or 3 beds?

Which publication(s) did you find helpful when you started letting?

These are just some of the questions coming to my mind at this stage.

I'd be grateful to receive suggestions from you.

Every blessing

26/01/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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