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this is a question regarding a planning dispute that has arisen with the local city council regarding a property I already own.

In short I bought the property in 2005. At this time the property was divided into 4 separate flats. I believe the council have received a complaint and I have now received a letter from the council demanding the property be returned to one dwelling house.

I understand that if I am able to prove that the property has been in continuous use as four flats they will not be able to enforce this. So far I have furnished them with Utility bills (gas) for the properties indicating four flats but this appears to be insufficient.

I have also visited the Land Registry website, this indicates four properties at this address but again they all have the same register and title plan number. I am confused, is it likely the more detailed plan might offer more relevant information?

Tomorrow I will be attending the local library where the are shortened copies of the Electoral Roll. However, having completed a search via an On-line search provider it looks like I may only be able to prove four years continuous use for two of the four flats, is this likely to be a problem?

I am also considering writing to the Council under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act as Council Tax is paid on all four flats

I would also be interested to hear any further suggestions you may have that may help my case. Thank you.


28/02/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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