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My house was handed back a week ago by a problem tenant who left owing in excess of 1500 and a house that needed quite a bit of work.

I have turned the house round in one week, redecorated and put back on the market.

The first potential tenant to view, left a deposit and wants to move straight in, so a bit of good fortune for once.

On Thursday a letter came to the house from an energy supplier stating a warrant had been issued to gain entry and switch of the gas.

I immediately called the supplier and explained the fact it was a rented house and the tenant had moved on. They said it was not a problem and would require a letter and copy of the AST so they could chase the tenant. They said the gas would not be cut off.

Today I go in the house to fianalise paperwork with my new tenant and there is a letter in the living room, the bailifs had gained entry and switched off the electric. The name on the sheet was the same person I had spoken to the previous day re the gas!

Clearly I cant now rent the property out until it has power, so if its not done ASAP I will lose income!

Being Saturday I cannot contact anyone at the energy supplier. The letter states a minimum of 200 + the outstanding debt is required to be paid before the electric can be switched back on!

This will cost over 1,000 in total and if I pay I have no way of getting the money back from my previous tenant who is bankrupt and left in a hurry with no forewording address.

My Question - how do I stand about getting the electric switched back on is it my liability or will the energy company simply put it back on with a new tenant??

Any help appreciated.


05/07/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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