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the management company have put a debt company in charge of getting money out of me.

Over two years ago I requested a replacement key for the outer entrance door to the block. After nearly three months several phone calls, during which I was informed that they were looking for a key for me, and emails I sent a fax to the only person whose name I had at the time stating the urgency of the problem and that if no key
was forthcoming I would be forced to change the locks. I received no response so had to pay out 112 to get a new lock and provide new keys for the block tenants.

When I sent th bill I was informed that it was not the responsibility of the management company to replace door locks but could I send them a new key.

I have been fighting this since then but just come up to a brick wall as they refuse to accept any responsibility whatsoever. In the meantime admin charges and interest has been added to the amount owed plus fees for the debt collection company.

I tried one last time recently by laying out all the facts and evidence, including a record of phone calls I made to the company at the time. This I sent to the management company and the debt company. I have just received a letter from the debt company giving me seven days to pay the 425.28, but nothing else so far. All other payments are up to date.

I am not sure whether to pay up and forget it or let them take me to court and take my chances.

Any suggestions or help will be gratefully recieved. Thanks

06/03/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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