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Ok firstly I should point out, my properties are 100% managed by a large south coast agent. This council tax relates to a student whom is in occupancy and has been for the last year.
I cam back from holiday in January 08, and found a reminder for council tax for one of my flats. I emiediately forwarded this the the letting agent to deal with. two weeks later I reciev a Red lettter for the arrears, I again forward this to my letting agents.
About two weeks ago I recieved a court summons for the outstanding council tax.
I phoned my letting agents only to be told that the council tax is always an awkward issue as it is down to the tenants to register them selves. I pointed out again to the letting agents that they supposed to be managing my proprties 100%!
i then phoned the city council and had to wait about 45 mins for an phone pick-up. they then told me to scan the any agreements I have and they will deal with it urgently. two weeks on and no reply.
Whilst I'm ready to go to court to counter this sumons. Can I counter claim for my time resolving the issue. either the letting agents of the council. so far many phone calls and if I attend court, my time

any constructive comments welcome


11/03/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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