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I recently inherited a property that has those poly tiles on some of the ceilings. I have received a quote to get them removed and it is nearly five thousand pounds. The builder has included things like removing furniture and replacing furniture, removing and replacing carpet, artecking the new ceiling, painting the new ceiling, repainting the walls. The carpet in one of the rooms was bought and installed by the tenant, before I took over, because she didn't like the one that was there. Do I have to, by law, pay for all the extras I have mentioned, or can I insist that I pay only for the removal of the tiles and the painting of the new ceiling and cleaning of carpets when the job is done? I am aware that these tiles HAVE to go, and if this is how much it will cost, I can understand why my Dad put off doing it! The tenant while good at paying her rent, took considerable advantage of my dad when he was ill before he died and had him replacing windows, that didn't require replacing, purely because they looked old. I don't want her trying to do the same to me. Kind regards, Rebecca Long. PS: I am in Australia at the moment, so contacting me via phone isn't practical. Email only please! Thanks.
26/01/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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