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I have a property which was first let to the present tenants - a family of 3, in November 1999. During that time, there have been periodic increases in the rent - the last being in April 2005.

During this joint tenancy, all 3 members have always been in receipt of the appropriate level of Housing Benefit, withe family making up the shortfall.

At the end of April, I received a letter from Housing Benefit section of the Council, headed "Overpayment of Housing Benefit". The relevant part of the letter reads:-

"You have been receiving payments of housing benefit for Mrs. X.
Because there has been a change in the rent charge, more benefit was paid than they were entitled to.

Details of how the overpayment has been worked out below.

The Council have revised their previous award of Housing Benefit by reducing the present payment for two members of the family by 5.36 per week each. And they have backdated this revised award to 24/05/2007 and are now claiming an overpayment of approx.250 from me.

I have never previously come across a situation like this one - in the past revised benefits were always due to changes in the personal cicurstances of the tenants.

Can you please adise on how I can find out about this 'change in the rent charge' and whther I can appeal against the decision.

Many thanks for your help.

03/05/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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