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Rosy from Tatty
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I spoke with you a few days ago. I have reported my problem to the Police.
This tenant is accusing my friend of being racist.
I am living with this tenant in my own home and he now says he is recording my private conversations.
He and his partner owe me 1550.
I spoke to landlordaction this afternoon and have been told that I cannot apply Section 8 to this tenant as I am resident. That I have to give him 'Notice to Quit' This will take a further 28 days.
I am afraid to change the locks as I don't want a court case against me. Everyone is telling me a different story here. They said that they will evict him under Notice to quit and it will cost me 115. That I may have to say goodbye to my lost money. The main thing for me is to evict him legally at this stage.
I am sure I can 'sue' him for the rent money so he will get a CCJ against him as he intends to remain in this country for now. He is Polish.
I cannot have a private conversation in my home at the moment.
I told the Police that it is very difficult living under these circumstances.
The man is on cocaine and drinks bottles of vodka. He is arrogant, intimidating and offensive, so much so that my daughter is unable to visit me as she finds it very distressing.

Look forward to hearing your reply
many thanks
Rosamond O'Kane

16/01/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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