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I have a property which requires a HMO licence renewal but Im having a problem with the council saying that there isn't enough headroom up the stairs to a single room that is already let out and has been for quite some time.

The house was inspected by HMO officer who gave me a couple of jobs that needed doing i.e.: locks on doors changed to one's that can be opened by thumb knobs from inside rooms, and a piece of glass changed to fire resistant board...All of which have been done and just need to be inspected again.

The officer is saying that the head room leading to the 3rd floor doesn't comply with building regulation and she will in-force a prohibition notice on the house if the room stays in use.

But the room hasn't been added just for the use of roof space and getting another room to rent out, it has always been a room since the house was bought over 12yrs ago and was obviously a room before that as well.

When the officer was at the property checking it out to give the HMO licence the tenant came out of her room and the officer asked if she had any problem using her room and she replied " No its fine with me as I'm only short"...

The head height up the stairway at its lowest point is 1.53 meters..

I do understand it isn't within building regs if it was to be a new conversion or new build, but does it mean you cannot use an existing premise if it doesn't come within the new building regulation figures..

Thanks in advance..

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31/01/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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