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We own a flat which is one of five. The flat is rented to a tenant. The other flats are owner occupied with the exception of one which has recently been purchased by an investor.

There are five parking spaces; four undercover and one open air. The deeds only outline the communal parking and do not specify who can park where.

Three of the flats have cars and have have parked undercover, informally always parking in the same space. The other flat owner did not have a car and it was 'understood' that his space was the open air space. Now this flat has been sold and the new owner is enquiring what the situation is as thereare no specific guidlines as to who can park where.

My tenant does not now have a car and the owner of the new flat has asked whether his tenant could use 'my' under cover parking space as his tenant (his brother) has a sports car and would like it kept undercover. I do not object to this but equally do not want to lose any rights that I may have, even on an informal basis.

For information the freehold for the flats are owned by the flat owners and we have a limited company. The issue of parking was raised by the new flat owner at our recent AGM under AOB.

Is the 'custom and practice' arrangement of allocating parking informally legal in any way and what is your view on my allowing the new flat owner to let his tenant park in what may be viewed as 'my' under cover parking space? One day I shall sell my flat and do not want to find that this new flat owner has somehow taken possesion of my undercover parking space and find that I only have an open air space. Your views would be appreciated.

Many thanks

28/09/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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