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I am having a huge problem with an insurance company. I was away from end of November last year till the 10th of this month. I had authorised the tenant and my son to deal with any insurance problems.

unfortunately just 2 weeks after we left, on the 15th of December last year there had been a leak in a property which my tenant had informed the insurance company. they at that time had refused to speak to my son until early january. My tenatns had been speaking to the insurance company almost on a daily basis and were told there were more important things to deal with and on the 27th the ceiling in the kitchen had collapsed.

On the 30th of December my son had got the roof fixed and had even got a plumber for investigating the problem as he was not sure if it was a burst pipe. Even the plumber had given a report saying the problem was the roof. Now the insurance company is not paying saying the leak had been going on for a long time according to their loss adjusters and that the bath sealant was black with fungus etc. The leak had nothing to do with the bath but the loss adjusters had made out it was. After the roof was fixed everything is dry even though there was nothing fixed in the bath and the tenants are still taking showers etc.

I have now made a complaint. Now the tenants are leaving this sunday, they had refused to pay rent since the collapse of ceiling. Now i need to get the ceiling repaired urgently in order not to lose more money, as I need to get new tenants soon.

Does RLA have surveyors in Hounslow area where I could get an independant survey done before repairing because I intend to fight my case to the end. How should I proceed. Can RLA help. Please let me know.


19/02/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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