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Any information experiences etc would be much appreciated.

our property is currently under negiotation for compulsory purchase. some months back an ennvironmental health officer together with an officer from the councils regeneration team gained access to the property by visiting another tennant in a different flat-same building. this property is in three self contained flats. an internal door was open to a vacant flat and they proceeded to inspect. it was obvious that the flat was vacant.The environment health officer wrote a letter complaining about a damp patch on the wall among other things of this vacant flat and threatened to issue legal notices to close the house down if we did not sell immediately to the said council. the regeneration team member involved in the purchase/negotiating accompanied the environmental health officer. regeneration team subsequently used this reason to knock 5,000 of the valuation of the property. we accepted, because we did not have any idea what the council would do next. the Leeds Landlord accrediation scheme manager said we could no renew our membership until the property issues were resolved and supported her environmental health officer collegue.that isn't a problem really because i believe they are just a waste of public funds. they have backed off once we agreed to the sale. I spoke to a member of RLA staff at a recent landlords RLa meeting about this problem. His advice was that I should appeal to the council not to issue a notice. I felt that this person was more on the side of the council where he worked for several years within the environmental health department.
we remain in fear of this council who appear to stop at nothing to reduce the price of the house, othrwise we could use the council's complaints procedure. do you have any advice.

21/09/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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