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Problem with vexatious tenant in neighbouring property

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I have a problem with a tenant who is irrational and vexatious, who occupies a property adjacent to one of mine. This female, complains constantly about noise from my tenant occupied flat (as well as complaining about other neighbouring properties) and accosts my tenants. She is aggressive and emotional. The consensus is that my tenants are not being inconsiderate, are not noisy and they have attempted to create some rapport with their neighbour. However she has not reciprocated.
I have lost good tenants in the past and am again faced with the possibility that my present tenants will move out entirely due to the actions of this woman. My feeling is that her landlord should have issued her with a proper agreement which includes a clause requiring her to abstain from behaviour which annoys or inconveniences any of her neighbours. I have complained to him in writing but he has done nothing to address the matter. I have offered to install additional sound proofing and he initially agreed to this but subsequently changed his mind confirming that he did not feel that it was needed. I have now lost income and incurred expenses related to his tenant's vexatious actions and want him to (a) do whatever it takes to ensure that my tenants and other residents in the building have no further problems from her and (b) to compensate me for loss of income and expenses.
My idea is to (1)write to the landlord advising him that his tenant is vexatious and remind him of his duty to allow my tenants to have quiet enjoyment of their home.
(2) to write and advise him that I will be seeking payment of lost income and expenses plus compensation

Can you advise if this is appropriate action and what else I should do?

13/01/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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