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Had a claim for subsidence a few years ago. Insured by AXA via Rentguard.
The claim was completed, all appeared fine but did not realise paperwork to "sign off" that building was stable had not been filed.
Changed broker from Rentguard because they are not the most competetive or efficient. The new broker/insurer asked for confirmation that either:

a) property was "monitored" for further movement after settlement of claim.
b)did insurer either modify or restrict subsidence cover after settlement of claim.

Both broker and I have contacted Rentguard, AXA and the structural engineers and non are prepared/able to answer. It appears that monitoring did not occur and Rentguard/AXA unable to confirm that no restrictions were put in place.

I am not able to insure the property for subsidence without complying with the above or have an engineers report on the current stability position. This cost to be borne by me.

Can I force Rentguard to provide the documentation needed as they handled the claim and were the broker?

If I had stayed with Rentguard the problem would not have manifested itself. (Is this a way of handcuffing you to a broker who, in my case, only offers better premiums when I have done the legwork on competition? All the more annoying that I was a loyal customer of more than 10yrs)

Biggest dissappointment is that RLA membership should provide keen prices yet a broker significantly reduced premiuns without pressure

28/04/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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