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I would like to report that I have been treated very unsatisfactorily by Cleen Company Ltd listed on your website Suppliers/moving in-out.

I made an appointment on Thursday for domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning from Cleen Company for Saturday 17 December 10am and was told I would get a call for confirmation. They never called. I called because I had to change the appointment to Monday 19 December 9 am. Since I complained about their lack of communication I received a confirmation call this time.

However, at 8am on the appointed day 19 December, I got a text message saying they had car problems and would not be coming. They would not answer my calls thereafter.

I find it unacceptable that they can not find an alternative means of travel or arrange and alternative cleaner since they promised to provide a service and defaulted. They did not even have the courtesy to answer my calls. I was put in a difficult situation because I was to travel abroad the next day and handover to my new tenant. As it was I spent 2hrs of my limited time calling to get a last minute solution. I had to book two separate companies one for cleaning and one for the carpet. It turned out much more expensive and wasted a lot of my time.

I think providers of such poor service do not deserve to be on the RLA Suppliers list. I would ask for their removal.

Thanking you for your attention.

21/12/2011 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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