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Good morning.

Let me outline the scenario, which has led to me now having to attend court.

A tenant paid me 1 month deposit and 1 month rent in advance on 9th August 2008. They signed a RLA contract to start 18 August 2008.

The very next day she rings me to say she cant move in. I am leaving the house to go on holoday and say i will contact her when i arrive back in 1 week. The following week, she rings me on the Tuesday 19 August to say all is fine she can move in. I say the contract started from the Monday so it still stands. 11 days later she rings to cancel again and wants all her money back. Advice from RLA says to tell her to go jump, which i professionally did. She then starts legal action.

She states in her eveidence that she gave notice on the Sunday, which is within 48 hours, she does not mention anything about moving back in the following Tuesday.

The court asks for all evidence, i only have the original contract and a can get a letter from a builder that completed somne work for me to say she was present in the house when I say she was but she neglects to say.

Can you advise how i go about this court hearing please?

02/02/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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