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We have an AST in place with tenants which runs til the end of Nov this year. They left the property on the 10th Aug giving 4 weeks notice to our agent stating the house ws in a state of disrepair. Any issues we had been told about had been resolved as as humanly possible so this was a great surprise. They also contacted the local council claiming the lights flickered on the day they left! They are demanding the balance of the deposit after taking out their 10 days rent for august. Of course, they didnt pay the August rent. Damage caused to the house by them and their dogs runs to around 1100. They have also taken items belonging to us totalling 180.

We have today given them the the following option. Return the items or pay additional money for them and release the rest of the deposit to us and in return we draw a line under the whole episode. Failure to meet either of these conditions and we a.) go to the police to report theft and b.) take them to court for damages and full loss, including rent to the end of November, a total in excess of 4400.

They today claimed the items taken were there when they left so it appears we will be taking them to court which I believe I can initiate thru the website. However, they have not given a forwarding address. How can I initiate proceedings withour knowing where they now live? Or is it possible to find out where they now live?

Ian Grinstead

02/09/2009 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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