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i have moved into a rented property with my partner and children, up until recently we have been getting on with the neighbours and we have had no problems. On Sunday daytime we held a garden party for family and friends for my partners birthday during the party the police were called by my neighbour complaining of the noise we apologised and agreed to turn the music down as we hadnt realised it was causing a problem as neighbour had not mentioned anything to us. The next day we recived a telephone call form our landlord advising neighbour had rang him to complain about us and had requsted he evict us from the property, we also recieved phone call from an estate agents as the neighbours property is up for sale as she has now accused us of knocking her wall down, which was already down when we moved in and because the neighbour disapproves of the friends i hang around with, i am a 30 year old woman and dont feel it should be any concern of the neighbour who my friends are, there has also been a complaint about my children and graffiti as they had written on the pavement, the graffitti they are refering to us pictures they drew in chalk!. The neighbour has now started threatening me saying she works for the mental health and she can have me sectioned, i have witnesses that can confirm this, i am now worried we are going to get evicted because of this neighbour. As the neighbour currently has property up for sale and this is going on should i report this to a solicitors to protect myself ?
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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