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Good morning
I have just received a letter & form to complete from the local Revenue & Benefits Office regarding one of my tenants who is receiving part-Housing Benefit towards her monthly rent. This HB has been paid direct to me with the agreement of the tenant since her Tenancy (AST) began 12 months ago.
The R&B has stated that it is conducting a review to see whether the tenants local Housing Allowance should continue to be paid direct to me, the Landlord, 'due to rental arrears' ?! The tenant has never been in rental arrears with me but I have still had the HB allowance paid direct for the last 12 months and want it to continue that way.
I now have a 'Form for 8 weeks in arrears' to complete but my tenant is not one penny in arrears !
I understand that Government legislation provides the facility for local Councils to pay HB to their private landord direct but would greatly appreciate the 'official' line on this from you before I reply to the Revenue & Benefits Office.
If it is within their duristriction to refuse to continue these direct payments, then I shall have no alternative but to serve a Section 21 Notice on the tenant as the AST has just about finished and she will be shortly on a Periodic Tenancy.
Thank you in anticipation for your help and advice.
Kind regards
20/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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