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We own a property with shop on ground floor and a flat on first and second floor with seperate rear staircase entrance. We have stupidly been letting it to this company which has twice declared itself bankrupt but carries on paying rent weekly under a new name. We have twice tried to review the rent and increase but this director keeps slithering through paying a rent which is paid by neighbouring shops for the shop area only. We gave notice through solicitors to vacate the upstairs with same rent. He does not sign the new lease and keeps postponing under pretext of clearing up - as it is doors and windows business he has kept strips and wooden parts beams etc on a terrace on first floor. He used the flat as offices. Our solicitor even advised to get the bailiffs to change the locks but he re-changed them and still occupies the premises. We do not know how to get the property back. It is our guess that he may not pay as the last weekly payment is over 10 days ago. He has let plants grow on a small terrace,the wires are hanging from the side to the back of the property on the outside wall.
We would like to rennovate the flat to a good standard and let it out seperately. Please advise how to get this person/company out of our property.
10/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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