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The tenant requested to change the carpet to laminate as she disliked the carpet and the bedroom carpet was white with severe permanent staining. The Landlord doesnot like lanminate and said that she would consider the request when the tenancy was due for renewal as
the first eight weeks of this tenancy was one complaint after another and the landlord wanted to be certain of the tenancy before flooring that she didn't like was put down. This was relaid to the tenant by letter.
On routine inspection it was found that the tenant had decieded that if the landlord doesn't like laminate she wouldn't mind carpet tiles so then proceeded with removing the carpet and laying carpet tiles with out permisssion. The Landlord is not happy that this action has been taken without permission.
The tenant has replaced old carpet which is over five years old and some of which is permanently stained with flooring that costs approximately £259.60 per 10sqm (without permission which must not be forgotten).
IF the flooring has been laid correctly would this be seen as betterment in the eyes of the law even though you havenít given permission? In which case what can the Landlord do or expect because permission was not given?
If the flooring has been laid poorly i would assume that the tenant must pay to correct this or compensate the landlord for the cost of the floring being laid correctly.
It is a bizarre situation and i would appreciate guidance in resolving this situation aimicably.

Many thanks

07/02/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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