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Council Tax and part-time and 3rd year students

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Having contacted the RLA previously (think it was Jim) I still having ongoing issues with regard to Council Tax and a part-time student.


1.Eight tenants in a registered HMO who I initially regarded as all students (3rd year). In fact one is part-time and this information has been passed onto the Council by the tenants.

2. They have individual contracts (RLA assured shorthold) and locks on each room (I can send tenancy).

3. I have been billed for the whole house minus 25% and although I have stated they are responsible for payment (as per agreement) they have contacted the Council who state the landlord is responsible and not them.

4. The tenants (in their wisdom) have also given the Council their contract dates and hence the Council will no doubt be trying to bill me for the period at the end of tenancy when they no longer are officially students (as happened to me in a previous year when deposits had already been returned!).

Please could you provide advice and guidance on:-

1. Who is responsible for payment and how is this best enforced. i.e. if you state the tenants are responsible (as per agreement) but the Council state I am responsible how do we avoid a stalemate and fines/court-costs.

2. Is the 25% reduction only correct given the tenancy i.e. which combination/setup reduces this amount (say at least to an eighth)

3. Which tenancy agreement is/should be used in future.

4. How to I safeguard against future 'part-time' students suddenly declaring their status mid tenancy.

5. How can I safeguard against a council tax bill arriving after the end of tenancy for departing 3rd year students (who I do not want to chase after their departure).

As the problem has been left by the tenants a prompt reply (to avoid further charges) would be appreciated.

14/02/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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