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anticipated tenant issues

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We have a tenant in one of our properties, they have been renting from us since 2010, we have had no issues with them other than a short period where they couldn't pay the full months rental due to loosing his job, but have caught up and are in no arrears. We recently wrote to advise them that we required a meeting to discuss the required deposit to be put in place (owing to the fact that when the tenancy was taken out our mistake we didn't register it in time, therefore paid the sum back as we were worried about the legal implications) the short term tenancy agreement (the original one) has expired and we have just taken it as a rolling on basis, hence requesting up to date deposit, thus enabling us to put in place a new and upto date agreement. This then would enable us to take out an insurance against such things as loss of rents etc.
our tenants have advised that they are experiencing financial difficulties, and are not in a position to pay the deposit, that they have been advised to declare bankrupcy, owing to the fact that we have not renewed their contract are we in a position to give a months notice to vacate our property as we are having concerns that they will default on paying rent and we will find ourselves in the same position with them as with our other tenant who is in arrears of over 3000 and we have had to go to court for a judgement.
We are also in dispute with the same tenants over a payment which we feel they should pay for a call out from our plumber as they could smell gas, this was following a brand new boiler being put into the house, and checked and signed off by our plumber and new certificate issued, this was also the second time they had said there was an issue with the new boiler when in fact there wasn't, they said they have received advise and have been told that this is down to us as landlords and not them as tenants.
we would be really grateful if you could advise us on the way forward regarding issues raised above.
many thanks.
07/02/2013 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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