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Free Boiler installation

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Leeds Landlord
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I would like to make contact with RLA representative in Leeds, to see if he would like a presentation at his next meeting. You may also want to let all your members know about this.

In short the Government has required the big 6 utility companies to sign up to the "energy company obligation scheme" This has various measures some of which you will be familiar with loft insulation cavity wall ect.

These are aimed at people in fuel poverty.

For people claiming certain State Benefits and some Pensioners they can have a free boiler exchange if thiers is either broken and not viable to fix or 10 years old, and as such not efficient. Its funded by the Utility companies who have done deals with leading boiler manufacturers, who then have approved contractors. You cant use your own contractor.

The fact that a property is rented in no way stops the tenant and of course the Landlord having a free boiler.

This scheme is gradually being rolled out over the country. Take a look at, they are one of the first, and cover Wales.

The boiler swap, is absolutely free. Only additional charges would be for things like resiting a boiler in a different position, and upgrading existing piping to current regulations (you could I assume have your own contractor do this before). Also for fire back boilers which can not be swapped like for like.

I must declare my own interest, I have a financial interest in promoting this through who from 10 April 2013 will be offering these free boilers in the Leeds and surrounding areas. I am not a liberty to disclose which boiler it is until the 10 April but if you look at who heatforce are using it may give you a clue.

Initially we are limiting the free boiler install to a maximum of ten a week. The first week is going to be booked with my own properties!

This is one of my first posts here, so hope I have not broken the rules about promoting a business I have an interest in, but this is such a good offer if you have DSS tenants and an older boiler that is coming to the end of its life.

Thanks for reading, and if someone can get me in touch with RLA Leeds that would be great. I have not left my phone number as not certain that is appropiate but the RLA office do have my phone contact details, and email.



30/03/2013 06:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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