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I have the lease on a flat built and first occupied in 2008 The heating is by a communal boiler and is supposed to be charged according to usage shown by a heat meter in each flat.
The first charge was levied for 2008/2009 and for 5months occupancy I was charged 476.I contested this with the agents but to date have received no satisfactory explanation.
From April 2009 the freeholder decided to charge for heating by the size of each flat and ignore the heat meters.This was challenged at a tribunal in 2010 which found that charges must be made every three months in arrears using data from the heat meters.
To further confuse the issue, the managing agents were changed during 2011.
Since the charging has reverted to heat meter basis I have received no invoices for heating. Neither the previous nor present agents answer my questions.I am only told that an invoice will be issued shortly. This now dates back to 2011.
What I want to know is:
1. Is there any way of compelling the agents to submit invoices as ruled by the tribunal?
2. Is there any time limitation on submitting these charges as in the case,I think ,with the gas companies who can not go back more than one year?
3.Can I still challenge the bill that I contested from 2009 and ,if so, how would I do it bearing in mind that the agents have changed and they didn't respond to my letters at the time?
4. I now have no faith that any charges eventually received will be accurate. What documentation can I request from the agent to support their figures?
5.Does the freeholder have a role to play in this?
Thank you.

11/04/2013 14:21

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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