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Section 21 or court action

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My tenant was in my flat for 9 yrs. As he was giving trouble by delayed payments etc I sent him a S21 notice in Nov12 to vacate in Jan 13. However; I was abroad for a long time. He kept sending pleading letters and I let him stay until end of contract ie till Jul15 this year. It was a 12 month contract with 6 month break clause. first 6 months ended 15 Jan this year when S21 applied. As it was I who allowed him to stay and the tenancy was on a 6 month break clause will the 6 months to July 15th be a new contract?. My question is; do I send him another S21 notice which is what I thought I would have to or do I go straight into court proceedings which I would like to avoid at all costs. Wouldnt it be better to send another S21 notice? He is not staying illegally as I let him stay on by replying to his e mail saying he can stay until end of contract. As I was abroad, it suited me. Now he is paying rent although 2 weeks late. he has arrears from previous years which I had not noticed until recently which I will take on as a separate issue. for now I just want him to leave by 15th July. I have already served S21 even at the begining of the tenancy but would prefer to send again just to make sure.

07/05/2013 19:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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