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My agent has commenced a new tenancy agreement on my behalf with a tenant who has misrepresented the pets that she has in the property. My request to the agency was for tenants with no pets however, they approached me with a request from a potential tenant who had a small dog that would not be in the house on its own and which went to work with her every day. I reluctantly agreed on the condition that I was indemnified against damage of the property or garden and professional steam cleaning on exit.

I have now discovered, via a complaint from a neighbour, that the tenant not only has a dog but also a number of cats (don't know how many but more than one). These are creating problems for the neighbour and were not disclosed to the agent. The agent has apparently obtained an additionally signed 'pet clause' to the tenancy agreement based on the information given by the tenant.

My problem: I gave reluctant permission for a small dog and do not want cats in my property under any circumstances. The tenant has signed an agreement, given additional deposit and signed a pets clause however, she misrepresented her situation and the pets involved. My agent, although cross at the deception, is saying that I can do nothing about this and I have to let the tenancy run to its conclusion (although I obviously don't have to renew the agreement). They also say I can do nothing to insist that the cats are rehoused or removed from the property.

Any advice, legal or practical, would be appreciated please as I am not sure my agent is giving me the whole story.

Thank you team!
14/05/2013 17:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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