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Anti social behaviour

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The tenant of a property reported a repair to a fence in the garden, I dont manage although I am the agent but the landlady asked me to request on 24 hrs notice (within the tenancy agreement) if she could come and look at the repair and also have a look around the house at the same time for the 3 monthly inspection. I nicely text the tenant as she was not answering her phone and got a load of abuse that any visit by the landlady was harrassment?? I pointed out that ok she would just come with a contractor to look at the broken fence.
Still the tenant did not want attendance. I said its not reasonable to expect the landlady to pay for something she cannot see. Ok it was decided we would send the contractor on his own.

The tenant had been late with the rent 3 out of 4 occasions and HB were paying to the tenant despite the fact it stated in the tenancy agreement that the tenancy condition was based opn the fact that any benefit would be paid to the landlord. I was asked to write to benefit and point this out, that they were in error which I did. The tenant rang young woman age 19 years and every other word was the F word how dare we take her benefit money from her. The language was so bad I had to say I am sorry I cannot listen to this and put the phone down. I now have texts every half hr F this and F that. Can I use this for a section 8 for anti-social behaviour as she is still within her tenancy term?
15/05/2013 15:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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