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section 21 served on tennant

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hi, i have a tennant that moved into my 1 bedroom flat in February 2013 on a short term lease of 4 months, however he moved his girlfriend in and then became uncontactable, i visited her a few times under reassurance's that he wld pay, he did not pay April's monthly rent, so we agreed with her and got a signed note that the one months deposit we took at the beginning of rent cld be used for April's payment but that was the last payment received, we served a section 21 notice to them both in May by a local law firm which gives them til August 25th to move out, i have had to make a police complaint in the meantime as when the tennant received the section 21 he threatend me on my voicemail, the police said to stay away from the flat which i have, but the management company called my associate two days ago to say they are moving my furniture out as the let is fully furnished, and they seem to of moved a complete stranger into the flat now and they have not been seen for a while, another resident went to the flat in the block to complain about the unsocialble behaviour which is now going on in the flat and they were told to ****off by the lady now living there!?!? my question to you is when the section 21 runs out on 25th Aug 2013, and there is a stranger in the flat does this then mean i have to start yet another section 21 procedure as the original tennants may of gone and sublet the property, which may i add is another vialation of the tennancy agreement signed by the original tennant!! as it stands at the moment i am paying a mortgage on my flat where in, it seems there is now a complete stranger living in and im not getting a penny for the rent???? please can you assist asap with my query.
thankyou and regards
04/06/2013 13:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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