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Hi Guys

Up until now since Internet began,yes then one tenant in the property has taken on an Internet service and shared with anyone who required it,usually 4 or 5 of them who happily contributed.

Now we have no one wishing to take service on in their name,or to take commitment,most on 6 month tenancy agreements and the long term ones have their own and will not share.

Because I now cannot let new available rooms especially to students need some advice.I am computer illiterate and need help on this matter.
Strongly considering putting service into the house in our name and getting new tenants to pay in advance at beginning of tenancy

The house is let on room only basis with common indoor areas being wc,showe hall and landings.Would probably have to have it in a specially built lockable box with keys given to password holders attached somehow to the electricity which we pay for and has to be secure.
Other problem is they tend to download loads so I will be charged extra if they go over their limit on a cheaper type service.And we won't be able to tell who downloaded the most etc
So do we go for the unlimited type and charge more to start as it is important to tenants.
And finally do we add anything onto AST Addendum to cover things like liability for improper use etc

I would welcome all your ideas,comments,suggestions as need to organise very quickly,takes at least 2 weeks to receive I hear.

Thanks guys
19/06/2013 14:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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