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Pay-as-you-go Tumble Dryer

I am changing the utilities regime in an HMO to tenant pays basis (additional to the rent) to a flat-fee basis (included in the rent), but the exception will be the tumble dryer, which must be a large part of the bill. One solution is to remove it altogether, another is simply to raise the inclusive figure to cover fair-use or worst-case levels.

Another solution could be a coin-operated supply to the dryer, and this would fit the user-pays principle very well. But they cost upwards of £150 plus fitting, and then the coins need to be managed regularly too.

Yet another could be a card-operated supply, with say £1 prepaid cards instead of coins. These cost “only” £72 plus fitting, but then you have to buy the disposable cards (about 15p to 25p depending on quantity bought). The cost of the cards can be factored (programmed) into the rate i.e. the amount of energy provided for the nominal £1 card.

Has anyone tried these approaches, especially the card readers? With what success?
Are there any special traps to avoid, such as ways tenants might work around the system?

Many thanks!
02/07/2013 09:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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