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My tenants tenancy started in 2003. The deposit protection law came in 2007. At first I thought it applied only to tenancies that started after 2007. when I realized it applied to my tenant as well I deposited in TDS custodial scheme in 2009 November and is still there. I learnt about the prescribed information even later. As soon as I learnt about it I sent it to him because he said he was too busy when I wanted to go there and get it signed. To make a long story short he still has not signed it. Although I have an e mail where he once said he will posst it that week, he does not refer to it as the prescibed info. he just says with regard to the documents you need I will post them this week. Now he says he did not sign because I did not explain it to him. this is because I have served S21 on him and RLA is at present doing the paperwork regarding step2 ie form N5B. My question is doe he actually need to sign for it or is the fact I sent it to him and he has acknowledged it unwittingly by e mail suffisient. Quite honestly i am fed up of all this formality re deposits because previously I have always returned the deposits in full and done any repairs myself. If the tenant does a lot of damage the deposits dont cover it any way. I have another property where its an agent who manages and they charge a fee of 60.00 plus VAT for the protection but they say I can deduct only extremely limited amount probably not even 60.00 the way they put it. What are the ways round having a deposit other than taking two month's rent in advance which I gather courts dont allowe. Another was to charge an admin fee but you can only charge very little about 100 I presume for that which may not even cover cleaning. I would prefer that to all the hassle surrounding deposits. My tenant is giving hell saying I will have to pay him 3 times the deposit money as I deposited it only in 2009. However; as the tenancy was renewd in July last year I think i am OK as the deposit was protected by then. Now I get an e mail from him saying I have fraudulently protected it without telling him. Any comments and advice will be appreciated. Does any one know when the prescibed info came into force? was it the same time as protection in April 2004 or was it much later?

16/07/2013 10:24

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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