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My tenant was in my property since 2003. I know its my fault and will never do it again but i did not get a credit check done because he did not give permission for it but because he got a letter from his work place I took him on even though he declined to show bank statements. Now my insurance for payment protection is also void because he does not want to give his date of birth. does not let me do an inventory and so on and so forth. he has become extremely troublesome. I have made another mistake. As the tenancy started in 2003 and the law regarding deposits came in 2007 i thought it was for properties let only after 2003. As I was renewing the contract i should have protected the deposit in 2007 but did it only in 2009 and by post as he said he was too busy to let us in. As we went away for a few months I forgot all about it and last year he was sent a S21 by Legal4Landlords as well but I understand from RLA who was trying to do the formN5B that my S21 is not valid as I should have given the prescribed information within 30 days of protection. Although I did it I cannot prove it as the tenant denies it. He owes some money as well. what is the best course of action- to return the deposit and start the S21 again for the 3rd time or give S8 notice for persistent lat payments. In the witness statement can I include all the other problems he has given me like not letting me get an inventory etc?. His arrears do not amount to 2 months rent at the moment but if I send a S8 on ground of arrears he may pay straight away and invalidate the possession order but I can still do it on persistenet lat payments can't I? What is the best course?. Anyideas will be appreciated as i am in a fix. Rainbow
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16/07/2013 23:39

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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