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Unfortunately, we had a tenant die in one of our flats with a heamorage which made a mess. The tenancy was still live. When the police had finished with the flat as a possible crime scene my lettings manager went to see the officer in the case who took her name and her personal address saying that he needed to know to whom he was returning the key - quite reasonable. It was then a complete surprise to her to receive the invoice for 800 plus vat for the cleaning. She then returned to give them my name and address and they are persuing me for settlement. When I asked my lettings manager what had happened she recalled that the police officer said that as their team had specialist knowledge and equipment they would do the clean-up, in fact, he was quite insistant that they should do it and said what a horrible job it was. They have no order number no quote in fact no discussion about cost at all.
Can you give me your opinion about when a tenancy would cease in such a case and whether I am liable for this cost. Shouldn't the cost be bourne from the deceased's estate?
23/07/2013 14:38

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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