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Just browsed throughJuly/August Edition of Residential Property Ibvestor magazine. On page 20 there is a legal update on 2 recent court cases involving the tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Members are advised:-

1) To Reissue the Precribed information when the AST tenancy goes from fixed term to statutory periodic and reissue the "tenant's leaflet" at the same time. I have just used the TDS scheme for the first time through RLA and received the certificate of protection.

My question: Is the Tenancy Deposit Protection Certificate the prescribed information? My second question is: What is the"tenants leaflet"?

I have not received a "tenants leaflet" with the certificate. All I could do was send the certificate to my tenant.

2) Is the Tenancy Deposit Protection Certificate the "precribed information"? If so then I have concerns over the information which should be contained in that document. Linda Howard of Shoosmiths solicitors citing "The Housing (Tenancy Deposits) (Precribe Information) ) Order (2007) sai: "the name , address, telephone number and any e mail or fax number of the landlord should be given" (on the precribed form).My certificate only has the Landlords name and no other details.

I have written to my tenant well within the 30 day period enclosing the deposit certifcate and emphasized that my address (as landlord) and all other contact details are on the letterhead. Is that sufficient to satisfy the law??

I apologise in advance if all this has been covered elsewhere; I am new to the organization. If that is the case then please direct me to the information available on the site.

27/07/2013 11:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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