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In order to complete repairs to my home I needed the tenants to leave. The house is fully managed by an agency, and after I told them I wanted to give 2 months notice, the tenants asked me for an extension and I agreed they could stay 3 more weeks, which did not coincide with the due date. This was late June and I have an email from the agency asking if this was the date I wanted, which I agreed. They should have issued a Section 21A for early July and failed to do so, but at that time I was unaware of the procedures. The tenants are buying a place and reluctant to move now. They went to the CAB for advice on temp accomm.and were told they did not have to move because a Section 21 had not been issued. The agency then issued one so I cannot return to my house until early November, unless they move before that. No dates have yet been fixed for the tenants to exchange contracts on their new place.
Can I claim compensation from the agency or would it become a long and expensive legal wrangle ?
Am I likely to have difficulty obtaining an Accelerated Possession Order if that becomes necessary ?
21/08/2013 00:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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