Is there a magic way of filtering out potential problem tenants?

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Hi - We have been managing HMO's for non dhss (employed people) for around 8 years now & we thought we had everything sussed. We dont bother with credit checks as we dont believe in them & the majority of people only able to afford to share a house tend to have issues with finance anyway & 50% of them would fail this check. We are more interested in checking that they have a stable job We also tend to go more on gut instinct and judge a person by their charector. We don,t do scheduled house & room checks, but there are usually rooms for sale all the time so we tend to be showing people round on a regular basis. We have 60 rooms so its a lot to manage. We tend to be easy going and 95% of our tenants are fine, honest, nice people.

HOWEVER: this year we have been plagued with nasty, dangerous or totally weird tenants so we need to get sharper with our processes.

Can anyone tell me if there is some other away (aside from credit score checks) where you can pre-determine "tenants from hell" before you sign a contract with them?

We have one person with severe mental health issues (which would not have shown on a credit check) who was so off the wall, that he tried to poison and electrocute all the other tenants.Yet he came accross decent on interview beforehand.We did get a section 21 eviction on him eventually, but he smeared the walls of the house with faeces before leaving and cut up all the curtains and burned them in the shed....thus burning down the shed.

We had one former sex offender who tried to rape another tenant and did things in the house which I wont describe, but was serious and along the lines of indecent exposure. We had 2 professional people who did a moonlight flit owing us a ton of money but stole everything in the house before they went!

This morning, we have just had a former convict do a runner becasue there is a warrant for his arrest and also he staged a break in into the house he lived in to steal another tenants laptop.

The list goes on and on and I have many more examples of appauling behavoir....but am I correct in thinking that mental illness and former criminal convictions will NOT show on a basic credit check.

Is there anything I can do to filter these people out as I am totally fed up of horrible or weird tenants and need to get wise in advance of signing a contract with them.In a house share I am resonsible for the health and safety of other tenants as well, so it is serious.

Credit checks and a tenant not paying me due to financial problems is the least of my worries.

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24/12/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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