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Does the L/L have to replace light bulbs etc if they are of a kind thats difficult to get?. We had a problem in one flat, where the developer had put a kind of bulb which was difficult to find and we had to go around looking for it. Now another tenant says the strobe light in the kitchen is gone and needs replacing. From what I read in the forum I gathered we had been doing too much for our tenants. for example when they asked for microwave ovens we provided them even though when they came they would have seen there wasn't one. However, we thought they were a basic need and provided and ofcourse the problem is when they break they contact us as well. We have got appliance cover with British gas for all our properties and have given the tenants permission to contact them and get repairs done as we are away for about 6 months in winter. they however; do not cover light bulbs. Are we wating our money?. Gor full cover with B/Gas including boiler repairs, drainage and plumbing and gas certificate it comes to about 700.00. Even when the fridge or washing machine breaks down we have been repairing and in one flat we had to replace the oven twice by buying new ones. I think we have been wasting our money too much. No wonder the tenants who have been there for 10 years are now refusing to go and are trying to sue us for protecting a 2003 deposit too late. What are the alternatives to repairing. Dont we have to repair?. is it the tenants responsibility as I have seen written in the forum sometimes. Ofcourse each time a tenant calls B/Gas out they increase the premium next time. On the other hand if we ask the tenant to repair they might not stay even one year I feel.
18/09/2013 10:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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