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This is probably not very bad on the wider scheme of things. I have two brothers who rent a flat from me. They are not too bad and don't cause trouble but are always late with rent for which I have fine them several times. But the main thing is when I inspected their flat it's a disgrace, absolutely filthy, damaged etc (they broke the handle off the oven not because it was weak but because they haven't cleaned the cooker since they have been there and eventually it sealed itself and when they tried to yank it open the handle broke off). I gave them a deadline for cleaning up but they haven't done it. This year I have replaced the window and repaired the fan in the bathroom so I do keep my side of the bargain so to speak.

The main thing is the tenancy agreement is due for renewal and though I don't really want to ask them to leave I don't quite know how deal with the state of the flat, obviously if they ever leave I WILL have a job on my hands cleaning and putting the place to rights which will probably cost more than their one months deposit of 485.

Any advice please
20/09/2013 13:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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