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We want to terminate our current tenants tennancy agreement and are not sure which part of section 21 to serve. I have downloaded section 21 (4)(a) but wanted to check before sending it that it is the correct one.
The tennant signed up through a letting agent who we have since had to part company from due to there very poor conduct. the tenancy agreement was signed on 13/11/12 and ended on 29/05/13 since that date no further agreements have been issued, the tenant has continued to live in the property and pay the rent at the start of every month. but the contract stated it was due on the 13th of the month. however this seems to be covering a period to 29th of the month as there was no payment in Nov 12 it started in December 12 and the date has changed each month. so it looks like November 12 was a freebie and that the payment is usually the first week of the month for that month.

What date do I need to give notice from and to. ie 13th october to end on 13th December or can I date it 30th September to end 29th November. I have read the notes but find them quite confusing around this area please advice. Many Thanks
27/09/2013 17:24

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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