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My tenant is sub-letting one of the properties in my flat, without informing me. She only told me last week that she gets 400 quid from sub-letting the room. My tenant also pays rent late; in fact has not paid rent in September too! She recently told me she is claiming housing benefit, even though her partner is working (partner is not on the contract).

I issued S21a on 17.9.2011 (one day after the AST was signed on 16.9.2011), with notice expiry after 15th March 2012. However, I have allowed them to continue living there with no new contract/paperwork signed. However, I only recently sent them a letter in early September stating that I want my property back (based on the S21a served on 21.9.2011)

However, if I was to go down the sub-letting route, does this give me the opportunity to go down the accelerated route for re-possession? In which case which form do I have to fill in?

Also, what are the best ways to prove sub-letting? The boiler specialist saw the sub-let occupant, as well as me. Would I need additional proof like photo of a letter addressed to her intact in the envelope? She does get a lot of mail let in the porch.

Advice gratefully received.
28/09/2013 09:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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