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The deposit protection problem has become a night mare for me. I have protected the deposit in 2009 with DPS under their custodial scheme. I will be going to a court hearing soon under S21. I have asked legal4Landlords for representation. Now they are saying I should have unprotected and reprotected the deposit. I told them I could not do it as DPS said they have not been asked by the GTovt to do it and that I have done all I have to do and its protected with them. However; L4L says its not upto them but upto me and that I shuld have unprotected and reprotected. How can I do it when the money is with DPS and they keep saying I dont have to?. In any case, I cannot take it out without the tenant's approval according to them. Once I told the tenant that I will retun the deposit and even to that he did not reply because he thinks he can get 3 times the deposit because I HAD DEPOSITED it late. I cannot get it out to reprotect. What do I do and where do I stand legally?. DPS has said they write everything on the website and if it became necessary it will be on the web site and still its not. What can I do apart from banging my head against a wall?. I will never take a deposit again but for now has any one got any answers please? Every one's hel is welcome.
28/09/2013 18:05

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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