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Am I right in thinking that we can only charge market value for rent?
I had heard somewhere that tenants can sue a landlord if the rent is above market value. HOW IS MARKET VALUE DETERMINED?. My tenant is a private tenant and nothing to do with the council. For 10 years I have been charging below market value (MY stupidity). Now that possession has been obtained they are pleading with me to let them stay on. The husband keeps saying he will pay 1000.00 a month. the rent as at last tenancy agreement (Now its on periodic) was 865.00. when he is in arrears still and keeps asking me to write off some rent against labour for some decorating he did(I wrote off some but now he wants me to write off some more)I am sceptical as to why he keeps saying he will pay 1000.00 rent after he pays off the arrears. I am wondering whether its to have a point to sue me on. I have not said anything to this. If the rent is increased WILL IT AMOUNT TO A NEW CONTRACT?. When I approached the council, they said there are two methods. One is, if we rent it to the council for 3 years, they will pay 860.00 per month. If we rent it to a tenant they introduce it is called deposit based tenancy and the rent upto which we can go is 919.00. Actually, all I want is for him to pay the arrears and then I will ask him to leave. the only problem is I will be away for about 5 months. therefore its only after i return that I can ask him to leave. If I get him to sign that at any point in the future when they leave they will take the furniture with them, will this also constitute a new contract?
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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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