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My tenant is in receipt of Housing Benefit, and her rent is paid to me directly by London Borough of Brent. Without letting the Council know, she was discovered to have done some paid work over a period of a couple of weeks in June. When the Council discovered this, they immediately stopped paying the rent. After some time they investigated the circumstances and restarted the rent payments, but from 7 weeks after the point they cancelled (the outstanding rent the council see as owed to me by the tenant). I have now noticed they have started to deduct about 40 pcm from the rent payments, which on enquiry I have learned that 1,480 of rent had been paid to me before they had discovered the tenant had been working, and they are acting to recover this from future rent payments to me over the next 130 weeks. I am looking for advice on this additional payment being extracted from me. I let out the property in good faith, and I see no reason why over paid rent should be recovered from me rather than the tenant. Also, if I cut my losses and evict the tenant, what is my legal position in terms of unrecovered overpaid back rent.
21/10/2013 11:39

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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